first session: “in quarantine”

The first session is dedicated to the discussion of the history and reality of quarantine condition focusing on its political, social and phenomenological implications. What does “staying at home” imply? How does that change given current technological conditions under the current media culture? What does it mean to lose physical closeness while simultaneously being socially active? What creative and political potentials does the current situation bear? What could be the purpose of “isolation collectives”?

We are reading texts by Catherine Malabou, Paul B. Preciado and Paul Chan (see below), and zoom meeting next week (tba).

[1] “To Quarantine from Quarantine: Rousseau, Robinson Crusoe, and ‘I’ ” by Catherine Malabou (Critical Inquiry) | LINK

[2] “The Losers Conspiracy, on Life after COVID-19 by Paul B. Preciado (Art Forum) | LINK

[3] “The Unthinkable Community” by Paul Chan (e-flux) | LINK